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Financial Counseling Before Bankruptcy

Finances Spelled Out With Scrabble LettersIf you have reached a point where you are in such financial straits that bankruptcy seems to be the only option then you are likely extremely stressed and confused about the process and steps you should take to achieve financial security.

Filing for bankruptcy can be a complex process, particularly if you have a higher  level of income or any significant assets, and as Ohio bankruptcy attorneys we understand how many questions will arise along the way.  One aspect of filing for bankruptcy we think it is important to know is the requirement to undergo financial counseling and education during the bankruptcy process. [Read more…]

A Call for Additional DUI Penalties

A Man Reaching For a Cup of WhiskeyDriving under the influence happens everywhere: people get behind the wheel after a few drinks thinking they will make it home safely, without injuring themselves or others. The unfortunate reality is that this often isn’t the case. Even if a drunk driver doesn’t injure anyone, it is always possible they will be pulled over and charged with a DUI.

The penalties for a DUI are already tough, but even harsher punishments may be in the works.  Repeat offenders of drunk driving will especially feel the heat: there is a call for workable laws that will keep them off the road for a very long time. [Read more…]

Put-in-Bay Christmas in July Celebration

Woman Watching the Sunset on Lake ErieOne of the best and most popular places for a Sandusky resident to visit in the summer is Put-in-Bay.  If you need a vacation but don’t want to go far from home, you’re in luck because this island is just a short boat ride away.

This unique island isn’t very big, but the amount of activities that one person can take part it makes it feel like a city.  Put-in-Bay is dotted with historic homes, the nation’s third tallest monument, plenty of quaint restaurants, and local pubs.

That’s not to mention all the events that take place on the island throughout the summer.  July is one of the most exciting months, with fireworks on the fourth and a celebration of Canada Day.  One of the best events on the island is Put-in-Bay’s 12 Days of Christmas in July.

This special event puts you right back in December, without the cold wind and snow.  The island businesses deck out their shops and restaurants with red and green, tinsel, and other Christmas theme.

Food and drink specials that are only served in the winter months make an appearance on menus, like eggnog.  There is live entertainment all twelve days and the downtown area will be covered in twinkling lights.

So, if you’re craving a taste of winter this July in Sandusky — or just a few days on the edge of Lake Erie —make a reservation at a hotel in Put-in-Bay.  Find more information about this event and others on the Put-in-Bay website.

Photo Credit: abardwell via Compfight cc

How Severance Agreements Affect Workers’ Compensation

Pink Piggy Bank On Top Of A Pile Of One Dollar BillsQuite often a work related injury results in your inability to continue working in your job.  Restrictions resulting from your injury may prevent you from doing your job properly or safely. In the event you are unable to return to your employer, they may offer you a severance package upon separation.

A severance package is pay and benefits an employee receives when they leave the employment.  In addition to the employee’s remaining regular pay, a severance package may include an additional payment based on the amount of time they worked there, or payment for unused vacation time and sick leave. [Read more…]

Delaware, Ohio July 4th Celebration

Colorful Fireworks Against the Night SkyThe weather is warm, the food is on the grill, kids are running around with sparklers, and everyone is in red, white, or blue. It must be the Fourth of July, one of the best times of the year in Delaware.

July 4th is a holiday unique to the United States, and the combination of country pride, homemade food, and community makes a great time for all.  In Delaware, residents come together to watch a parade, listen to live music, and watch fireworks. [Read more…]

Preventing DUIs with Smartphone Apps

A Woman Driving Someone in the United States dies in a car accident that involved a drunk driver every day.  Even more people in the U.S. are charged with driving under the influence every day.

As DUI/OVI defense attorneys in Ohio, we have seen first-hand the devastating effects a DUI can have on a person’s life.  The best way to avoid DUI charges and the injuries that a drunk driving accident can cause is to never get behind the wheel of a car if you have been drinking.

But, we all know that no one is perfect and that there will never be enough designated drivers to go around.  Or maybe there are?  Some smartphone apps offer the ability to find a designated driver in your area. [Read more…]

What Compensation am I Eligible for After Being Hurt at Work?

Compensation When Hurt at Work | Delaware, OH | Calhoun, Kademenos & ChildressAs an experienced worker’s compensation attorney in Delaware, Ohio, clients (and prospective clients) often ask me what compensation benefits they are entitled to after a work-related injury. In many circumstances, the injury they have suffered is keeping them from their job and affects nearly every aspect of their livelihood.

The Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation (BWC) says that all injured workers (with allowed worker’s compensation claims) are entitled to have their medical bills for treatment related to the injury (or occupational disease) paid for. [Read more…]

New Exhibit at the Columbus Zoo

New Exhibit at the Columbus Zoo | Delaware, OhioThe Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, located in Delaware County, has always been an exciting place to go and experience the sights and sounds of countless animals from all over the world.  In fact, the zoo has been recognized as one of the best in the country.

Now, there is a new and unique exhibit open for everyone to visit: the Heart of Africa.  This region of the zoo is the largest yet and features an authentic savanna habitat filled with giraffes, lions, cheetahs, and monkeys. [Read more…]

Top Defenses to a DUI in Ohio

Top Defenses to a DUI in Ohio | Delaware, OH | Calhoun, Kademenos, & ChildressMany people who are charged with a DUI feel as though it is impossible to combat and don’t think that their charges can be reduced, or lifted.  But, this is a misconception: there are several valid defenses to a DUI in Ohio.

Speaking with an experienced DUI attorney about your particular case is the best way to determine a defense that would be helpful to you — but it is also helpful to be aware of some possible DUI defenses ahead of time.  [Read more…]

Daytime Island Hopping Cruise in Sandusky

Daytime Island Hopping in Sandusky | Sandusky, OhioLake Erie is a beautiful body of water, especially during the summer months. One of the best things about living by the water is the opportunity to take relaxing boat rides and enjoy the pleasant weather with family and friends.

Whether you are a Sandusky resident or you are just visiting for the weekend, there is a daytime cruise that will take you to all the best places on the water.  The Goodtime cruise takes passengers to Kelley’s Island and South Bass Island. [Read more…]