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Foreclosure Prevention: Save the Dream Ohio

Foreclosure Prevention | Delaware, Ohio | Calhoun, Kademenos, & ChildressWhen serious money issues arise for you and your family, it can feel like you’re drowning in debt.

Unfortunately, a struggle for many people is paying the mortgage on their home.

Foreclosure is all-too common and has a detrimental impact on families all across the state of Ohio.  Losing your home due to financial problems is a nightmare for many, which is why prevention efforts such as Save the Dream Ohio are so great. [Read more…]

Ohio Judge Misuses Standard in DUI Case

Ohio Judge Misuses Standard in DUI Case | Delaware, OH | Calhoun, Kademenos, & ChildressLaw enforcement isn’t the only party capable of making a mistake in a DUI charge.

In some instances, the court errs while the defendant makes their case against a DUI charge.

An Elyria Municipal Court Judge was found to have improperly dismissed a woman’s request to argue that field sobriety tests given during her DUI arrest weren’t administered properly.  [Read more…]

Ohio Student Charged after Firing Shot on Campus

Student Fires Gun-Ohio Criminal Defense Attorneys-Calhoun, Kademenos, & ChildressShots fired on a school campus are always a big scare, and usually result in fairly serious consequences for anyone involved.  A recent incident on Ohio’s Kent State University Campus led to a campus lockdown after a student fired a shot.

During an altercation between two women, the male suspect fired one shot.  No one was injured in the shooting except the 24-year-old shooter, who shot himself in the hand when the gun fired. [Read more…]

Worker’s Compensation Claims Often Unreported

Workers' Compesation Unclaimed-Ohio Local Lawyers-Calhoun, Kademenos, & ChildressThe Affordable Care Act has been a hot topic for a while, and now that it is in further phases of implementation across the country, questions have risen about how the act will impact worker’s compensation.

Estimators are guessing at whether universal healthcare will result in fewer workers’ compensation claims.  But, based on a column from WorkCompCentral, studies conducted by independent researchers over the past 20 years have indicated that many employees with work-related injuries or illnesses already don’t file workers’ comp claims. [Read more…]

Motorists Rights Violated in DUI Arrest

Officer Violates Rights-Ohio Criminal Defense AttorneysA New Jersey motorist was charged with driving while intoxicated and refusing to take a blood alcohol level test, but this citizen’s rights as a disabled person were violated by officers issuing the DUI.

According to a news article, the deaf driver claims her rights as a disabled individual were violated because the police did not call an American Sign Language interpreter.  The judge assigned to this case has claimed that the issue is very important and will give her ruling a lot of thought. [Read more…]

Son of Thurman in Delaware

Son of Thurman | Delaware, OHIf you’re a fan of really good food in Delaware, Ohio then you are in luck: there is a café in Downtown Delaware that is delivering nationally acclaimed food to the masses!

The Thurman Café is a local legend in Columbus, Ohio.  Famous for its various burgers and unique menu, customers often wait over an hour just to get their hands on a fantastic cheeseburger.

Now a branch of that café has made its home in Delaware: Son of Thurman.  The restaurant hasn’t been in the area long, but is already gaining new customers and great reviews.  [Read more…]

Proposal for Stricter Punishment for Ohio DUI Convictions

Ohio DUI Strict Punishment-Ohio Local Lawyers-Calhoun, Kademenos, & ChildressFirst-time DUI offenders in Ohio could face much harsher punishment, if a bill recently introduced to Ohio state legislature gains enough support.

According to a news article, advocates want Breathalyzer-type vehicle locks for all convicted first time DUI offenders. House Bill 469 received substantial support on the local level before the introduction of this proposal.

The bill, also known as Annie’s Bill, is in honor of a woman who was killed by a drunk driver in Chillicothe, Ohio.

If the bill passes, people convicted of drunk driving would have a device to test blood alcohol concentration placed in their car.  The car won’t start until the driver blows into the device – if no alcohol is detected, the person may drive but if alcohol is detected the car is on lockdown. [Read more…]

Harlequins Theatre Presents Angel Street

Harlequins Theatre | Sandusky, OHSandusky’s community theatre is a unique and historical place to spend the evening watching talented actors perform interesting plays.  This month, the Victorian thriller, Angel Street, will take the stage and likely the audience.

The story follows a handsome character, Jack Manningham, and questions arise about whether he is a caring husband or secretly trying to drive his wife to insanity.  The mystery is unraveled throughout the show and has been described as delightfully twisted. [Read more…]

Reducing Sex Trafficking in Ohio

Sex Trafficking | Sandusky, OH Attorneys | Calhoun, Kademnos, & ChildressChild sex trafficking in Ohio has become a hot topic both on the social and legislative front.  Sex trafficking needs to come to an end, and steps are being taken to do so.

According to a recent article from the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio House Bill 130 – the End Demand Act – seeks to reduce child sex trafficking in the best proven way: targeting the customers who make child sex traffickers the money to keep them going.

The bill would make it a felony to offer money to a child (persons under the age of 18) in exchange for sex.  If the bill is approved, it would create an affirmative defense for prostitution charges against sex-trafficking victims if there is evidence that they have been exploited. [Read more…]

Civil War Singer in Delaware

Civil War Singer|Delaware, OH|Ohio Local LawyersThe citizens of Delaware, OH got in touch with deep American history and tasteful music early this March when Steve Ball, a historian-musician came to town.

The performer, who put on his show at the Delaware County District Library’s Main Branch, weaved Civil War facts with popular songs from that era to entertain and educate the audience.

Ball even dressed for the part and wore a Union shell jacket while strumming an 1855 Martin guitar during his hour-long presentation. The library’s Community Room was packed, according to an article from the DelGazette. [Read more…]