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A Call for Additional DUI Penalties

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A Man Reaching For a Cup of WhiskeyDriving under the influence happens everywhere: people get behind the wheel after a few drinks thinking they will make it home safely, without injuring themselves or others. The unfortunate reality is that this often isn’t the case. Even if a drunk driver doesn’t injure anyone, it is always possible they will be pulled over and charged with a DUI.

The penalties for a DUI are already tough, but even harsher punishments may be in the works.  Repeat offenders of drunk driving will especially feel the heat: there is a call for workable laws that will keep them off the road for a very long time.

According to this article, dishing out penalties, hefty fines, and jail time isn’t keeping repeat DUI offenders from getting behind the wheel with alcohol in their system.

In the words of the author: “These habitual repeat offenders remain more influenced by their addiction than being locked up for its result.”   Repeat offenders make up 8 percent of the intoxicated drivers in fatal crashes.

For reasons like these, there is a rising demand for a law requiring best practice addiction treatment for convicted drunken drivers before they are released from prison for their DUI conviction.  According to the article, this type of documented, credible treatment would truly reduce the chances of another DUI.

There is a push to consider inserting interlock devices in vehicles of first-time offenders to measure their alcohol level — if it is above the limit the car will not start.

Penalties such as these address the addiction and work to get a driver out of the dangerous habit of drinking and driving.  Fines and jail time are harsh, but apparently they aren’t sufficient to dissuade drinking and driving.

If these additional penalties come to fruition, people who face a DUI conviction are in an even tighter spot.  If a mistake was made by a police officer during your arrest — such as a sobriety test being administered improperly — then having a good defense is even more important to avoid being charged with these penalties unfairly.

Whether it’s your first or second offense, a DUI charge is frightening: even more so with the call for additional punishments. If you have questions about the penalties for a DUI conviction in Ohio, or believe that the charges you face are a mistake, don’t hesitate to contact an experienced DUI defense attorney.

The Ohio Local Lawyers at Calhoun, Kademenos, & Childress are experienced in DUI defense and can answer any questions you have about your DUI and discuss options for defense.

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