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What Compensation am I Eligible for After Being Hurt at Work?

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Compensation When Hurt at Work | Delaware, OH | Calhoun, Kademenos & ChildressAs an experienced worker’s compensation attorney in Delaware, Ohio, clients (and prospective clients) often ask me what compensation benefits they are entitled to after a work-related injury. In many circumstances, the injury they have suffered is keeping them from their job and affects nearly every aspect of their livelihood.

The Ohio Bureau of Worker’s Compensation (BWC) says that all injured workers (with allowed worker’s compensation claims) are entitled to have their medical bills for treatment related to the injury (or occupational disease) paid for.

According to the BWC, the five most common compensation benefits for hurt workers in Ohio are as follows:

  • For workers who are 100 percent disabled for a temporary period of time, payment of temporary total compensation.
  • For workers still working—but with restrictions caused by the injury, leading to a reduction in pay—payment of wage less compensation. This also applies to someone who is actively seeking work, but unable to find any due to their physical restrictions from the injury.
  • For workers suffering from residual impairment stemming from an injury or occupational disease, payment of a permanent partial disability benefit.
  • For injured workers who have been declared permanently and totally disabled by the Industrial Commission of Ohio, payment of permanent total disability compensation.
  • For injured workers who have reached an agreement with their employer to settle the worker’s comp, a payment of one lump sum settlement award.

If you have more questions about the compensation you may be eligible for after a work-related injury, contact an experienced Ohio worker’s comp attorney right away.


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